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FMP Ambassadors

Species rich meadow

Floodplain Meadows Partnership Ambassadors

We are developing a group of people who can act as ambassadrs for the FMP, who have undergone a two year vocational training programme to better undertsand the ecohydrology of floodplain meadows. Our Ambassadors will, by the end of their course, be better able to understand a site and give advice on management and restoration of floodplain meadows. Each Ambassador has nominated a county to cover when they have completed their training. 

The first group of Ambassadors will be completing their training in early 2017, and the second group, in early 2018. County coverage is shown in this map, with red counties indicating Phase 1, and yellow counties, Phase 2 coverage.

The photo is one of our Ambassadors making dipwells to install into his site, so he can understand what the soil-water levels are doing throughout the year.