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Species rich meadow

The Project was funded for the first three years by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation (2008-2010) and over the next three years is being kindly funded again by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust to support the Project Co-ordinator post.

Additional funds have been secured from the Garfield Weston Foundation to help support survey and data analysis work, as well as from other organisations involved in development and consultancy.

There are currently major funding shortfalls with respect to monitoring,  production of publicity materials and guidance, and running of workshops, courses and conferences. We are seeking funds to fill these gaps.

Support the Floodplain Meadows Partnership

Flower-rich meadows are an integral part of the UK's heritage, landscape and natural wealth. They are a resource to be passed down to future generations. However during the last century, Britain has lost 98% of its flower-rich meadows through land development, changes in rainfall patterns and pollution. Now, although protected by national and European law, what's left is at risk from our changing environment.

Through a number of generous gifts including donations from the Garfield Weston Foundation, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, DEFRA’s Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund and others, the Floodplain Meadows Partnership has begun to monitor the dynamics of the remaining meadows, investigate their resilience and ensure that all protection agencies are following best practice, as well as educating the wider community of their importance.

We currently have a funding gap of £50,000 a year for the next ten years, in addition, we will soon be seeking funding towards the continuation of the Project Co-ordinator post as well. For further information about how you could help fund this project please contact us directly.

The Open University Supporter's Fund

Donations to The Open University Supporters’ Fund make projects such as Floodplain Meadows possible, and if you donate today we can increase your gift by at least 33% thanks to the Government Matched Funding scheme which matches every £3 donated with an extra £1. If you are a UK taxpayer the benefit is even greater meaning that a £10 donation is worth nearly £17 to the OU.

For more information about Matched Funding and Gift Aid please visit www.open.ac.uk/fundraising and to donate now visit: www.open.ac.uk/donatenow

We are keen to keep in touch with people who support the Floodplain Meadows Partnership. If you would like to be kept updated then please email us on Floodplain-Meadows-Project@open.ac.uk.