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Broad Meadow and Middle Park

Meadow description

Broad Meadow and Middle Park is a site currently undergoing restoration from a previously arable site to species rich floodplain meadow. The project started in October 2007 and the results are now being monitored. The Floodplain Meadows Partnership are providing some annual interpretation of the botanical monitoring data that is being collected and the results can be found in the case study here.

* Conservation designations are as follows:
SSSI: Site of Special Scientific Interest
NNR: National Nature Reserve
SAC: Special Area of Conservation
RAM: Ramsar Site
SPA: Special Protection Area
WT: Local Wildlife Trust Reserve
NT: National Trust Reserve
VCO: Other Voluntary Conservation Organisation Reserve
CL: Registered Common Land
NS: Non-statutory site

Meadow location

OS Grid RefSP662591

Meadow data

Meadow ownerPrivate
Catchment areaNene
Size (hectares)unknown
Conservation designation*NS

Information held in the meadows database

Hydrological monitoringno
Hydrological modellingno