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Browns Woods

Meadow description

This is a small area of relatively species rich grassland that was classified as MG4 in the 1997 survey and since then has been managed as a late summer hay cut.

The dominance of hogweed Heracleum spondylium seemed to have decreased a bit, with great burnet Sanguisorba officinalis becoming a more dominant species. Despite this, the similarity coefficient with MG4 grassland community was not conclusively high, only 55%. Species richness was also lower than it would be expected for a more typuical MG4; 13-19 species per 1 m2. Top soil on the site is well structured but quite shallow (0-10 cm), with a very uniform soil profile underneath comprised of orange clay indicating ground water fluctuation in the soil. According to Ellenberg's indicator score, the site appeared to be a bit wetter (F=6.28) than expected for an average MG4 community. This explains the rapid expansion of meadowsweet Filipendula ulmaria on the site, along with the disappearance of the dry-end specialist dropwort Filipendula vulgaria. Installing a dipwell would be useful here in order to understand the hydrology of the site, and help explain what is going on.

* Conservation designations are as follows:
SSSI: Site of Special Scientific Interest
NNR: National Nature Reserve
SAC: Special Area of Conservation
RAM: Ramsar Site
SPA: Special Protection Area
WT: Local Wildlife Trust Reserve
NT: National Trust Reserve
VCO: Other Voluntary Conservation Organisation Reserve
CL: Registered Common Land
NS: Non-statutory site

Meadow location

OS Grid RefSP9016635937

Meadow data

Meadow ownerMK Park Trust
Catchment areaunknown
Size (hectares)unknown
Conservation designation*unassigned

Information held in the meadows database

Hydrological monitoringyes
Hydrological modellingno