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Mill Field-Stony Stratford-1

Meadow description

This is the Mill Field at Stony Stratford. It has been the Parks Trust's since 1992. The whole area is managed for amenity and was once all managed as mown amenity grassland. The northern section (subject of this survey) was subject to a management change in about 2005 to an annual late summer hay cut (interspersed with mown amenity paths), which has been continued since that time. The area was overseeded in about 2007. No inputs are used; if any herbicides have been used this has been spot treatment of any patches of thistles/docks only (probably glyphosate).

The area in general is species poor, similar to how it was defined in the survey 1997. Lolium perenne and Trifolium repens are dominating across a significant part of the meadow. At the northern end, there is an area of richer vegetation where 5 from 12 species sown in 2007 are still present. Hordeum secalinum, Lolium perenne and Arrhenatherum elatius with Festuca rubra in places, are the dominant grasses in the northern section. Alopecurus pratensis, Phleum pratense, Dactylis glomerata, Trisetum flavescens and Cynosurus cristatus  are present in small amounts. Potentilla anserina, Ranunculus repens and Trifolium repens in places form dense soil cover across the site. Such species as Prunella vulgaris, Galium verum, Lathyrus pratensis, Achillea millefolium, Geranium pratense, Trifolium pratense, Leucanthemum vulgare, Plantago lanceolata, Centaurea nigra, Lotus uliginosus, Vicia cracca, Vicia sepium and Vicia tetrasperma are present in patches. The presence of species characteristic for waste grounds such as Picris echioides, Plantago major, Cirsium spp.and Bromus spp. indicate on-going disturbance in some areas.

* Conservation designations are as follows:
SSSI: Site of Special Scientific Interest
NNR: National Nature Reserve
SAC: Special Area of Conservation
RAM: Ramsar Site
SPA: Special Protection Area
WT: Local Wildlife Trust Reserve
NT: National Trust Reserve
VCO: Other Voluntary Conservation Organisation Reserve
CL: Registered Common Land
NS: Non-statutory site

Meadow location

OS Grid RefSP7831140281

Meadow data

Meadow ownerMK Park Trust
Catchment areaunknown
Size (hectares)2.41
Conservation designation*unassigned

Information held in the meadows database

Hydrological monitoringno
Hydrological modellingno