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Snake's-head fritillary count North Meadow 2018

This years annual snake's-head fritillary count will take place on 24th April 2018. It will be a great opportunity to see how the plants are faring after a warm early start to the year, followed by an arctic end of February. Obviously we hope for a nice sunny day by the end of April where you can sit and count flowers in the warmth. 

The count will take place from 10-4 (ish) and we will provide lunch. No previous experience is necessary, training will be given, and the results from this 19 year long study are proving very interesting. For more about what we have learned so far, and about the ecology of snake's-head fritillary, see our webpage  http://www.floodplainmeadows.org.uk/about-meadows/wildlife/snakeshead-fritillaries  

Please book with us beforehand so we can manage numbers, by emailing Floodplain-Meadows-Project@open.ac.uk