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Stony Stratford-3

Meadow description

The Parks Trust only acquired this field in 2011 and to date we have done little with it. Its previous use was as a paddock although we have no records of how intensively it was used and whether it has been seeded and/or subject to any artificial inputs.

The site is very patchy. It has very species rich areas of short-sward communities allied to MG5 vegetation type where among 5 species of grass with dominance of Festuca rubra (up to 50% cover) 25 forbs are presented including Saxifraga granulata with up to 5% cover in one corner of the meadow. Cirsium spp and Senecio jacobaea are present reflecting the past use as a pony paddock. Much of the site has "islands" covered with Urtica dioica, Sonchus spp. and Anthriscus sylvaticus.

* Conservation designations are as follows:
SSSI: Site of Special Scientific Interest
NNR: National Nature Reserve
SAC: Special Area of Conservation
RAM: Ramsar Site
SPA: Special Protection Area
WT: Local Wildlife Trust Reserve
NT: National Trust Reserve
VCO: Other Voluntary Conservation Organisation Reserve
CL: Registered Common Land
NS: Non-statutory site

Meadow location

OS Grid RefSP8006641419

Meadow data

Meadow ownerMK Park Trust
Catchment areaunknown
Size (hectares)unknown
Conservation designation*unassigned

Information held in the meadows database

Hydrological monitoringno
Hydrological modellingno