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The Partnership has produced a number of documents and publications, and are starting to compile relevant documents that have been published by others. These are broken down here by subject, and are also linked throughout the website in the relevant sections.

Research Documents

Floodplain Meadows Partnership Brochures and Articles

Floodplain Meadows Partnership Protocols

Environment Agency Guidance on monitoring water levels

Natural England Technical Information Notes (TIN's)

Historical documents

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Past Activities:

Floodplain Meadows Partnership Conference "Floodplain meadows for the future" May 2017


The conference was a huge success! Here is a list of presentations which have been made available as pdf files by kind permission of the authors:

  • The floodplain meadows with great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis): a look across geographical gradient- Tatyana Parinova
  • Tatyana Parinova transcript
  • Floodplain meadow restoration on the northern Upper Rhine- measures and monitoring- Matthias Harnisch
  • FMP restoration project- Irina Tatarenko
  • Looking to the future- results based agri-environment schemes in England- Annabelle LePage
  • Nature's ups and downs in a changing Europe- John Rodwell 


Events 2016

Floodplain Meadows Partnership Technical Handbook launch: Thursday 21st April

The handbook is now availbale to download here

UK Grasslands Forum 2016

This year, we helped to host the UK Grasslands Forum, along with FAI Farms and Dr Alison McDonald. The Grasslands Forum meets roughly annually with a 2 day workshop every 18 months or so and a day meeting in between times. It is a forum of individuals interested in UK Grasslands and largely took over where the Lowland grasslands Habitat Action Plan finished. The 2016 meeting was held at Wytham, the Oxford University Field Station and focussed on grassland restoration. Delegates were taken around Pixey and Yarnton Meads, both SSSI’s and SACs designated for their lowland meadow plant communities. These meadows are managed by FAI Farms. Other visits were held to several floodplain meadow restoration fields, also being undertaken by FAI Farms.

There were a selection of talks each day, with a focus on grassland restoration, and these are available to view below.

A tale of two cities - Richard Scott, Landlife

Anthills in grassland restoration - Tim King

Beauty and Utility - restoration of floodplain meadows - Emma Rothero

Recreating MG4 at Somerford Mead - Alison McDonald

Red List of European Habitats and Restorability - John Rodwell UKGF 2016 Oxford

Restoration of species-rich grassland in agri-environment schemes 1987-2016 - Steve Peel

The fate of semi-natural grassland in England - Lucy Ridding

Three Hagges Wood meadow An ecosystem creation project - Linden Hawthorne

Eyes on the prize: will our grassland restoration targets deliver the desired environmental benefits? Clare Pinches

If you would like to find out more about the UK Grassland Forum, or join the mailing list, please let us know.


Conference 2014

See our facebook page for some photos from the event and Mikes website http://www.amanita-photolibrary.co.uk/photo_library/HTML_conference/index.htm.

Information provided as part of the conference pack





The following presentations have been made available as pdf files by kind permission of the authors.


David Gowing Inaugural lecture (2011)

Professor David Gowing (The Floodplain Meadows Partnership Director) presented his inaugural lecture on 20th September 2011, entitled 'Floodplain Meadows: diversity, function and heritage'. This lecture is available to view if you follow this link http://stadium.open.ac.uk/stadia/preview.php?whichevent=1737&s=1

A group of people walking across a floodplain meadow

Photo credit: Mike Dodd


Floodplain Meadows Conference 2010