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Sustainable grasslands – some news from around the world

Alongside our own interest in promoting the wider values of UK floodplain meadows there is a growing global movement that also reflects this. Discussions about grasslands as a sustainable land use and food system are expanding, as evidenced by the range of grassland symposia exploring these themes from across the world in 2021 and 2022.

Working with seasonal growth on floodplain meadows

Our traditional floodplain hay meadows are a haven for biodiversity, but they are also part of our agricultural landscape and depend on the annual cycle of haymaking and aftermath grazing to maintain their value. These meadows show characteristic seasonal patterns of growth and flowering – known as phenological progression – and it’s important to work with these natural processes to get the most out of our heritage meadows for both agriculture and wildlife.

4th Floodplain Meadows Partnership conference 13-15th October 2021

Slide showing conference titleOur fourth Floodplain Meadows Partnership conference was held online in October 2021.