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The fritillary counts are upon us

We are about to start our annual April adventure countuing snakehead fritillaries around the country, kicking off with the Lugg Meadows in Herefordshire. The Lugg Meadows are a very ancient floodplain meadow, thought to have created a large part of the wealth than enabled Hereford Cathedral to be built.

Snakeshead fritillaries

These blogs have been set up to enable discussion amongst people surveying snakeshead fritillaries across the country. There are a number of organisations, groups and individuals who carry out these surveys and we thought it would be interesting to start to see common trends between the data. It is also nice to see what others are doing. We will also use these as a chance to update people on our own surveys.

Bumblebee surveys on floodplain meadows

We hope these blogs will help the volunteers develop a support network and share their findings between themselves, as well as providing helpful tips and hints between ourselves. Updates on findings will be listed as we go.