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The partnership produces a newsletter twice a year. If you would like to include an article in the next newsletter, please get in touch, we would love to write about your projects. If you want to be added to our newsletter list please email Floodplain-Meadows-Project@open.ac.uk

The latest newsletter can be found by following this link:

Autumn 2021

  • FMP Art competition and calendar
  • October 2021 online conference summary
  • Flourishinhg Floodplains GCRF
  • Ecover Fertilise the Future Meadows for the Climate project update
  • Global movement on sustainable and biodiverse grasslands

Previous issues of the newsletter can be found below:

Newsletter issue 1 - June 2008 [pdf] 

  • Introducing the Floodplain meadows partnership team
  • Case study- restoration of Floodplain hay Meadow on Derwent Ings, Yorkshire
  • Case study- Besthorpe and Eakring Meadows SSSI, Nottinghamshire
  • Meadow restoration and promotion on the Yorkshire Ouse
  • Phosphorus deposition in 2007 floods

Newsletter issue 2 - December 2008 [pdf] 

  • Impact of July 2007 flood at Cricklade
  • Monitoring fritillaries on Cricklade
  • The non-chemical control of Marsh Ragwort

Newsletter issue 3 - July 2009 [pdf]

  • Summary of 2009 survey season
  • Restoration projects from around the country-
    • A restoration project on former arable land using seed from Emorsgate
    • A restoration project from arable using green hay from an adjacent NNR (Chimney meadows)
    • A restoration project on a low diversity existing sward using a brush harvester to spread seed from nearby meadows (Orton, Cumbria)
    • Restoration of species-rich floodplain meadows from semi-improved grassland Upper Ray Meadows (Buckinghamshire)
  • Modelling the soil-water regime for restoration (Aggregates Levy Sustainability fund)

Newsletter issue 4 - January 2010 [pdf]

  • Soil compaction- using a low ground pressure tractor
  • Vale Landscape Heritage Trust- a local project with a specific aim to preserve key floodplain meadows in the Vale of Evesham
  • Earthworm study in the Severn Vale
  • Plant grid and meadows map launch!

Newsletter issue 5 - July 2010

  • Summary of 2010 survey season
  • Conference and events summary 2010 (workshop, fritillary counting, North meadow and Oxford University Farms Open Day)
  • Mottey Meadows hay making festival
  • Article on identifying pond sedges- Carex acutiformis, acuta and riparia

Newsletter issue 6 - January 2011

  • The History of a Floodplain Meadow: Bridget Smith (Hemingford Grey Meadow, Cambridgeshire)
  • Oxford Meads: A long term study by Alison McDonald
  • Wombwell Ings: A study by John Rodwell
  • Article on ‘when to cut a meadow’

Newsletter issue 7 - Summer 2011

  • The hay cycle
  • Summary of 2011 survey season and events
  • Non-chemical control of Marsh Ragwort revisited
  • Urban Meadows: a management challenge- dogs, motorbikes, litter, bonfires, compaction, fence damage

Newsletter issue 8 - Winter 2011/12

  • The Flight of the Fritillary- expansion of seedlings following a summer flood
  • ‘The Splodge Plots’: what are they, how they derived and what relevance are they to me?
  • Chimney Meadows- The Importance of Making Hay While the Sun Shines!

Newsletter issue 9 - Summer 2012

  • Summer floods of 2012, and the wet weather: management data from North Meadow, Cricklade. Big Sedges, What should we do?
  • Flight of the Fritillary- increasing the number of survey sites
  • The tale of the flower meadow in a box and the wooden bumblebees

Newsletter issue 10 - Winter 2012/13 (References relating to Ecosystem Services article)

  • The Ecosystem Services of species rich floodplain meadows: what are they and can we quantify them?
  • Preserving historic water meadows

Newsletter issue 11 - Winter 2013/14

  • Summary of survey season 2013, after wet a 2012!
  • Jim McGinley: Policy and Practise in the Assessment and Management of Floodplain Meadows in England
  • Sonia Newman: Control of invasive sedges in floodplain meadows; some answers?
  • Calthion in the UK
  • Fritillary decline

Newsletter issue 12 - Summer 2014

  • Russian Floodplain Meadows; Kaluga Region
  • An Atlas of Dragonflies in Britain and Ireland
  • Coronation Meadows: Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, and Rutland

Newsletter issue 13 - Winter 2014-15

  • Floodplain Meadows Ambassadors; funding secured for 24 floodplain meadow ambassadors
  • Research on the Somerset Levels and Northern France
  • Flight of the Fritillary news
  • Floodplain Meadows and pollinating insects

Extended article Somerset levels and Moors WoW project

Newsletter issue 14 - Summer 2015

  • 2015 survey season summary
  • Technical handbook launch coming soon
  • Calthion workshop review
  • Russian update

Newsletter issue 15 - Winter 2015-16

  • Four Seasons of Flood- is the time of year important for impact on floodplain meadows?
  • Floodplain Meadows Partnership Ambassador- Sam Thomas (Kent Wildlife Trust)
  • Know your bents!

Newsletter issue 16 - Winter 2016-17

  • Natural flood management and the importance of soils in floodplain meadows
  • Brexit- where next?

Newsletter Summer 2017

  • Floodplain meadow restoration
  • International research
  • PhD studies

Newsletter Spring 2018

  • What's next for floodplains? Brexit, a new agri-environment scheme, the 25 year plan and floodplain meadows
  • The rise of wildflower hour
  • Ambassador updates

Newsletter Autumn 2018

  • Esmeé Fairburn breaking news
  • The state of floodplain meadow restoration in England and Wales
  • Two new PhD opportunities available
  • Species rich wet grasslands in Scotland
  • Natural capital of floodplains

Newsletter Autumn 2019

  • Introducing our new Advocacy Officer
  • Snake's-head fritillary - what benefit being native?
  • Ambassadors updates including two case studies (controlling Phalaris and Phragmites at Winnall Moors, Hampshire, and reducing Phosphorus levels at Avon Meadows, Worcestershire).
  • Meat - a balanced diet.
  • Still undiscovered resources on our doorsteps.

Newsletter Spring 2020

  • Soil carbon -where do floodplain meadows sit in the debate
  • Having a break: dormancy in snake's-head fritillary
  • Calthion in Scotland - what did we find?
  • Policy update
  • Updates on Ambassadors, PhD students and FMP questionnair

Newsletter Autumn 2020

  • Priority Habitat Inventory and floodplain meadows
  • Floodplain meadows as NFM measures
  • History of floodplain landuse
  • Policy update
  • Pilobolus crystallinus
  • Latest research - Oxley Mead

Spring 2021

  • Ecover Meadows for the Climate project
  • Launch of our Arts and Crafts competition 2021
  • Community Arts project in Worcestershire
  • Updates on FMP Ambassadors
  • Glorious Cotswolds Grasslands
  • Towards Net Zero Using Nature Based Solutions in Floodplains - A Policy Workshop
  • Oceanic Wet Grasslands in Scotland - update