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Floodplain Meadow Community Arts

Beauty and Utility Community Arts Project with Meadow Arts and Wychavon District Council

We are working on a very exciting arts project to explore the potential for art to engage a wider audience and also to see if creating art works can help to promote our policy messages. To do this, we have teamed up with Meadow ArtsWychavon District Council and Friends of Avon Meadows (FoAM) to develop an arts project based around Avon Meadows in Pershore, a site that is managed by FoAM and is undergoing restoration to a more flowery meadow.

Meadow Arts has commissioned three Creative Practitioners from their network to develop a series of projects that engage with the community, reflect the seasons and capture the changing environmental conditions and biodiversity of Avon Meadows. The project will run throughout the seasons of 2020-21.

The artworks are intended to be a love letter to the site and the wider notions of beauty and utility associated with the ancient use of floodplain meadows in managing flood water, providing sustainable land management and community benefit.

Andrew Howe

The first Creative Practitioner to work at the site over the winter period is Andrew Howe, who plans to teach people how to create their own paper from reeds and other plant materials, in online workshops during the winter lockdown.

Visit Andrew’s blog to read the full piece and see more images photographed on-site:


This is Andrews finished piece:


Join Andrew Howe in his Ecoprinting workshop to find out how to do eco-printing and making marks with dyes, using natural materials gathered from your local green space or garden. Andrew is one of the artists involved in the Beauty and Utility Arts project outlined below.


Melanie Woodhead

The second Creative Practitioner artist is Melanie Woodhead. Read more about her and what she plans to do in her blog here:


Kate Raggett

The third Creative Practitioner is Kate Raggett. She will be working on site in June/July to create a mandala after the hay has been cut.