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Meadow foxtail

Alopecurus pratensis
It has dense cylindrical seed heads 3-6 cm long on tall wiry stems. Flowers May-July.
Soil moisture tolerances: 
It is found on sites with 10-20 weeks dry soil per year and 10-20 weeks wet soil per year, so it has moderate requirements.
Soil fertility tolerances: 
It is typically found on moderately fertile sites (10-25 mg P/kg) or P index 1-2.
Traditional medicinal use: 
‘Alope’ was the fox-girl of Greek legend and ‘curus’ is from the Greek for tail. Its orange anthers make the flower resemble a fox’s tail
Further information: 

Click here for a link to the online Atlas of the British and Irish Flora with details of the plant ecology, distribution, photos and habitats: https://www.brc.ac.uk/plantatlas/plant/alopecurus-pratensis