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Historically floodplain meadows were a highly prized land use. Naturally fertile due to sediments from floods, they are resilient to extremes of weather, recovering well after flooding and productive in drought, thanks to their fertile soil and deep-rooted plants.

As the impacts of climate change are understood, the many benefits of floodplain meadows are clearer. This ancient agricultural system offers a resilient and self-sustaining means of food production without the need for chemicals, whilst delivering a range of public goods such as increased biodiversity, carbon and floodwater storage, rebuilding healthy soils, and reduced siltation and pollution in our rivers. We believe they should be part of a more sustainable future for farming and the environment.

Farmers and land managers are key to a more sustainable future in our floodplains. We want to help as many of you as possible to access the benefits of floodplain meadows. Find out how we can help below.

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Find out how to manage and restore a floodplain meadow.

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