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Meadow vetchling

Lathyrus pratensis
Meadow vetchling is a legume (see birdsfoot trefoil) that scrambles up through tall plants. It is a relative of the gardeners’ sweet pea. It is in flower from May to August, and the seeds ripen from July to September.
Soil moisture tolerances: 
It is foun on sites with more than 20 weeks of dry soil per year and 10-20 weeks wet soil per year. It is very tolerant of drought conditions, and less tolerant of waterlogging.
Soil fertility tolerances: 
It is typically found on moderately fertile sites (10-25 mg P/kg) or P index 1-2.
Traditional medicinal use: 
Historically grown as an animal fodder due to its high protein content.
Further information: 

Click here for a link to the online Atlas of the British and Irish Flora with details of the plant ecology, distribution, photos and habitats: http://www.brc.ac.uk/plantatlas/index.php?q=plant/lathyrus-pratensis