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BBC/OU Green Planet series and free awesome poster

Legendary nature historian, Sir David Attenborough offered a stunning insight into Earth’s plant life in a new series co-produced by the BBC and The Open University.

The first episode of the five-part series, The Green Planet, aired on 9 January at 7.00 pm on BBC One and the series is available on BBC iPlayer.

The programme follows David Attenborough on a journey throughout the world, beginning in the rainforests of the tropics and continuing onwards to scope remote deserts, underwater worlds, and the wilderness of the frozen north.

Through a series of mysterious worlds and climates, The Green Planet makes use of the latest research to illustrate the crucial role that plants play and their competitive and defensive nature in our ecosystem.

To accompany the series, Broadcast & Partnerships has produced a free poster exploring the critical role plants have on our planet. Copies are available by calling 0300 303 4200 or visiting our broadcast site. Our very own David Gowing has been one of the academic advisors for the programme and the series poster contains fabulous illustrations of floodplain meadow plants!

   (NB: the poster may not be available prior to broadcast)

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