Community groups

Community groups

One way to get involved is to join a community group linked to a specific site. They are a vital lifeline for floodplain meadows providing practical help, as well as running events to raise awareness and fundraising efforts. We are linked to a number of community groups around the UK with a focus on floodplain meadows. You can see where these are on our meadow map.

Examples of what groups run and provide include

  • Practical management and restoration activities such as planting seedlings, spreading green hay, helping with mowing and general maintenance of the site
  • Surveying and monitoring including plant community surveys and identification, bee/bird/butterfly surveys and looking in a particular area for unrecorded sites
  • Running events such as talks, site walks, community action days and visits to the meadow at particular times such as when fritillaries are out
  • Fundraising and grants
  • Historic research workshops and outreach
  • Communications and media work

These community groups can be fairly informal or can be formally recognised and run as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) like the Friends of Avon Meadows, with meetings and newsletters.

The FMP can help with advice and guidance for practical work as well as surveying and monitoring. We can also help to link the community group with significant local stakeholders such as Natural England officers and neighbouring floodplain meadow managers. Whilst the central FMP team can help remotely, our local Ambassadors are an invaluable resource and can be connected up to local groups. We can also help promote events and activities especially around the annual National Meadows Day in July.