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Beauty and Utility at Avon Meadows

We are working on a very exciting arts project to explore the potential for art to engage a wider audience and also to see if creating art works can help to promote our policy messages. To do this, we have teamed up with Meadow Arts, Wychavon District Council and Friends of Avon Meadows (FoAM) to develop an arts project based around Avon Meadows in Pershore, a site that is managed by FoAM and is undergoing restoration to a more flowery meadow. Read more here, including photos and a blog by the first artist, Andrew Howe.


Floodplan Meadow arts and crafts competition - entires submitted by 28th August at midday.

For more information and how to enter, please visit our arts and crafts page here https://www.floodplainmeadows.org.uk/projects-and-events/art-competition-2021