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Technical advice

Image of a person in a meadow

The Floodplain Meadows Partnership can offer general advice and site visits- contact us for details.

Please also refer to the Floodplain Meadows- Beauty and Utility A Technical Handbook, which has technical advice and guidance for anyone managing, restoring, or re-creating floodplain meadows. It is also relevant for anyone with a general interest in rural history and how it has influenced the floodplain wildlife we have today. See also our case studies page for some practical examples of restoring, creating and managing floodplain meadows. And for advice in your region, check out our ambassadors page to see if you have one near you!

Statutory bodies such as Natural England, Natural Resources Wales and NatureScot may be able to offer guidance and advice on restoring and creating floodplain meadows, especially if they are providing funds to support the work.

The local Wildlife Trust may be able to offer guidance from experienced conservationists, and advice on sources of funding. Visit http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/

The RSPB may be able to offer on-site guidance and advice for habitat management, both for wintering and breeding waders. They may also be able to offer breeding bird surveys in some areas and can offer advice on breeding wader survey methodologies and potential funding sources for habitat management.

The Environment Agency; local staff should be contacted at the earliest possible stage when planning such a project, as they can help with information on flooding and water quality, and the need for flood-risk assessments, waste disposal, abstraction and other licences and permits.